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三國志 真戦 1.1.4



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Download “三國志 真戦” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“三國志 真戦” – 全世界で5,000万ダウンロードを突破した『三國志・戦略版』、
日本市場向けタイトル名が『三國志 真戦』に決定!
これまで「三國志」シリーズは常に戦略要素が基盤のゲームであったが、『三國志 真戦』は革新作として、究極の戦略性と公平性をもった三国志の舞台を提供する。



リアルな三国志の戦場『三國志 真戦』で、知略を操りしのぎを削る。

「三國志 真戦」では、山脈を乗り越えることはできず、関所を占領しなければならない。河を渡る時も同様で、埠頭に行かなければ兵士を移動させることができない。それゆえ、要衝である埠頭をしっかりと守り抜けば、数万の敵軍を封じ込めることができる。



『三國志 真戦』はかつてない同盟規模を擁する。各シーズンでは、盟友とともに同盟を作り上げ、城を攻め、土地を占領することができる。超大規模の200人対200人のGVGも体験できる。

“Sangokushi Strategic Edition”, which has exceeded 50 million downloads worldwide,
The title name for the Japanese market has been decided as “Sangokushi Shinsen”!
Until now, the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” series has always been a game based on strategic elements, but “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is an innovative work that provides the stage of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms with ultimate strategicity and fairness.

Here, players can experience the clash of more advanced strategies in addition to the familiar gameplay.

This is a fair stage.
No charges for resources or soldiers required. Defeat strong enemies with wisdom and wisdom
Show off the pinnacle of strategy!

[Fair battle]
In the realistic battlefield of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, manipulate your wisdom and compete.
Resources such as wood, stone, iron ore, and troops cannot be charged, and resources, soldiers, and time-saving items are not sold. A player cannot beat an opponent only by the strength value of a military commander. It embodies how fair the stage of this battle is.
Strategy is all about fighting with wisdom in a straightforward manner!

[Realistic terrain]
Reproduce the realistic battlefield of the Three Kingdoms based on the ancient map of China.
In the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, you cannot overcome the mountains and must occupy the barrier. The same is true when crossing a river, and soldiers cannot be moved without going to the pier. Therefore, if you firmly protect the pier, which is a key point, you can contain tens of thousands of enemy troops.
At the same time, strategic knowledge is required for buildings such as fences and turrets. Whether or not a line of defense can be set according to the situation is also a big challenge for the player. Strategies according to the terrain and strategies using insiders are also implemented.

[Combat begins when encountering an enemy]
In this work, the battle starts as soon as you encounter an enemy in the same square.
By predicting the enemy’s march route, the player can lay a line of defense and influence the movement of the enemy. Furthermore, the unique “morale” is related to the march distance, and the longer the march distance, the lower the “morale”, which affects the combat power of the unit. Taking advantage of the rules of “morale” and “the battle starts when you encounter an enemy”, you can enjoy the exhilaration of destroying the opponent by leading the battle.

[Various composition]
In this work, the correlation between the types of troops is clear, and there is a four-way relationship between spearmen, cavalry, shield soldiers, and archers. There are also powerful “weapons” that play an active role in attacking castles, but are disadvantageous to all types of troops. Players can expand their power by making effective use of their troops.
Furthermore, the setting of the military commander who respected the history of the Three Kingdoms and the ability of the military commander’s type are firmly reproduced. The player selects the appropriate type of military commander and soldier, and searches for the optimum solution.
Even with the same type of troops, you can make completely different combinations depending on the military commander and tactics. Whether you aim for a higher win rate with the same force or take advantage of the battle with a small number of units, the way of fighting depends entirely on the player’s choice.

[Crest Showdown]
“Romance of the Three Kingdoms” has an unprecedented scale of alliance. In each season, you can form an alliance with your allies, attack the castle, and occupy the land. You can also experience a super-large scale of 200 vs. 200 GVG.
Reconnaissance, pavement of the course, demonstration of the enemy … A co-op experience with all the wisdom.

Build the strongest corps and achieve unification!


Complete Information of “三國志 真戦” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “三國志 真戦”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:- Android 4.4+
  • Game Installed:- 10,000+
  • PlayStore ID:-

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