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“九州幻想M” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“九州幻想M” – 三轉降臨!幻想終結!LIVE OR DIE 強者當立!!

真正的手機MMORPG《九州幻想M》—LIVE OR DIE 強者當立!


480人攻城掠地,四大幫會決一死戰、20Vs20 DOTA雙路攻防,強化戰靈突破前線、同職業死鬥競技場,1V1比武是王者才能摘金,多種限時戰場激戰,站出來!釋放你的狂暴欲望!






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Third turn is coming! The fantasy is over! LIVE OR DIE is the strong one! !
The limited-time dungeon is open all day, relying on strength to fight for the hegemony of the Nine Songs Continent, and the strong who live or die will stand!
Come to a passionate duel! The explosive battlefield of “Kyushu Fantasy M” is now!

The real mobile MMORPG “Kyushu Fantasy M”—Live OR DIE, the strong will stand!

▶[The Three Transitions Coming ◆The fantasy ends here]
Four major professions—Zhufeng, Lingbo, Qisha and Feixing, the three-turn system is officially awakened, new skills are activated, and more skill combinations
Infinite gameplay! More exciting battle rhythm, double the pleasure of bloodthirsty killing! stand out! Create your fighting style!

▶[Multiplayer Fierce Fight ◆Hundred-player Battlefield Fighting]
480 people attacked the city and plundered the land, four big gangs fight to the death, 20Vs20 DOTA two-way offensive and defensive, strengthened the battle spirit to break through the front line, the same professional death battle arena, 1V1 contest is the king to win gold, a variety of limited-time battlefields, stand up! Release your violent desires!

▶【Hundred-style Fighting Spirit ◆Unlimited Combination Strategy】
The new MMO has new ways to play! Summon four war spirits with four attributes to fight, assist, output, possess, defense, multiple bond skills, rise to the stars to break through the sharp rise of combat power, cultivate the most savvy war spirits to take risks together and stand out! Create your unique match of war spirits!

▶【Title Suppression ◆ Eliminate without strength】
Whatever the low level, the big title will be pressured. In Nine Songs Continent, everything depends on the truth of strength, transcending the level difference and the gap between occupations, and achieving a higher status. The high-level title is the king, stand up! Call out your strongest name!

▶[Intimate interaction ◆Dating is easy from now on]
Accurate classification of personality tags, easy matching of destined people, customized topic function, and a picture-drawing hide-and-seek game, dating is no longer afraid of embarrassment! It turns out that taking off the order is so easy, just to create beautiful memories in Jiuge continent! stand out! Get your love partner!

▶[Instant Trade◆Easily play and earn easily]
The unique Kyushu Chamber of Commerce system, it doesn’t matter if you don’t use it, just sell it! The official instant acquisition, the ingots make their own money, the various treasures of the virtual treasure mall are for you to choose, you can choose, dominate the Chamber of Commerce as a great god, god pretends to be in your hand, fights out, stand up! Start your hopeful life!

【Kyushu Fantasy M-World View】
At the moment of the overthrow of the Nine Songs Continent, Yu Lingshi is the patron saint stone, embarking on a journey of fantasy rivers and lakes together.
Since ancient times, Jiuge Continent has been at peace everywhere under the guardianship of the Seven God Stones. However, in a certain war between Long Zhao and Jiuyuan, the seal of the illusion was accidentally lifted, and Meiling escaped from the chaos and tried to destroy the Seven God Stones and summon chaos. The conflicts between the various races and the invasion of the phantom spirits put the world on the brink of destruction. As a new psychic, we must resist the invasion of the phantom spirit with the silver fox and guard the last “phantom stone”! Whether Nine Songs Continent will rejuvenate or be dominated by Chaos…It’s all up to you! Mage, are you ready?

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九州幻想M - 全新改版 三轉覺醒!
【系統小補帖】遊戲美術優化及 Bug 修正。

Complete Information of “九州幻想M” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “九州幻想M”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.a.one.hs



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