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Download “撲克●抽鬼牌” MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money) + Unlimited Coins + Cheats + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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Download “撲克●抽鬼牌” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“撲克●抽鬼牌” – 【撲克●抽鬼牌】是一款有趣的撲克牌【比運氣】遊戲,
英文稱之為 Poker Card Turtle Joker 或 Old Maid,


遊戲規則 :
- 首先,每位玩家先將手中相同數字的牌丟棄掉。
- 首局,由開局者當莊家,先開始抽牌。
- 下局,由贏家當莊家,開始抽牌。
- 抽牌,以逆時針方向,向右邊或左邊的玩家抽一張牌,若此時與手中的牌有相同數字,則可以丟棄之。
- 最後,因為鬼牌(烏龜牌)只會有一張,所以,最後把鬼牌留在手中,誰就是輸家。


遊戲特色 :
- 計分方式有 4 種選擇。
- 由你自己新建紙牌圖案。
- 由你自己建立鬼牌樣式。
- 提供 21 種紙牌圖案、18 種紙牌花色、17 種數字樣式。
- 紙牌圖案、花色、數字樣式、動畫、背景 隨意搭配。
- 可以用分數解鎖紙牌圖案、花色。
- 點擊玩家,可以自訂玩家的圖案與名稱。
[Poker] ● draw ghost cards is a fun poker game [than] luck,
Chinese also known as [smoke] or [turtle] Old Maid,
English called Poker Card Turtle Joker or Old Maid,
Who finally is a ghost card (tortoise cards) remain in the hands, who is the loser.
Moreover, through the list, you can see your score in the global ranking Oh world.
game rules :
– First of all, each player first hand the same number of cards discarded.
– the first game from the start when the dealer who first began to draw.
– Under innings, when the dealer by the winner, began to draw.
– draw, in a counterclockwise direction, to the left or right side of the player draw a card, and if at this time in the hands of cards with the same numbers, you can discard it.
– Finally, because the ghost card (tortoise cards) there will only be one, so that finally the ghost cards remain in the hands, who is the loser.
In addition, there own function cards (pulls out a designated player, exchanged hands, reassign, clear numbers, reflux number), so draw more interesting Oh.
The game features:
– scoring methods are four options.
– Create your own card design.
– Create your own style ghost cards.
– providing a pattern of 21 kinds of cards, 18 kinds of color cards, 17 kinds of digital patterns.
– Solitaire pattern, color, digital style, animation, background mix and match.
– You can use the score card unlock pattern, color.
– Click on the player, the player can customize the name of the pattern.
● 在首頁【設定選項】裡的【廣告遮到遊戲畫面】項目,可調整手牌位置,避免廣告遮住手牌。
● 內建【圖片裁切】功能,解決【無法自訂紙牌圖案】問題。
● 修正一些錯誤與問題。

Complete Information of “撲克●抽鬼牌” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “撲克●抽鬼牌”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:- Android 4.3+
  • Game Installed:- 50,000+
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