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Download “符文大地傳說 | Legends of Runeterra” MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money) + Unlimited Coins + Cheats + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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Download “符文大地傳說 | Legends of Runeterra” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“符文大地傳說 | Legends of Runeterra” – 在這款策略卡牌遊戲裡,成功不是靠運氣,而是靠技術。組合來自符文大地各區域的經典英雄和角色,創造獨一無二的卡牌配搭,讓對手輸得心服口服。











In this strategy card game, success is not based on luck, but on technology. Combine classic heroes and characters from various regions of Runeland to create a unique card match that will convince your opponents to lose.

Master every step
Offensive and defensive swaps out cards, so you always have the opportunity to react and counterattack (but also your opponent!); “Legend of Runeland” has dozens of hero cards for you to choose and add to the deck, and each hero has his own body Unique ability mechanism, and derived from the original “League of Legends” role skills.

Heroes are powerful cards in battle. If you use them flexibly, they will be upgraded to become more powerful. Keep upgrading your heroes in the game, and you can get a hero specialization badge.

Endless gameplay
Every hero and character in the game has its own runeland area, including Timasia, Noxus, Freljord, Piertof & Zorn, Ionia, Stone Peak, and Surima And Shadow Island and so on.

Different combinations of heroes and regions can provide unique advantages. Combine, adjust and experiment with different strategies. New content is frequently launched, and the battle meta is constantly changing, allowing you to freely adjust and stimulate creativity.

Play to win, not class to win
Win new cards with the progress of the game, or go directly to the store and exchange shards or universal cards for the cards you want. You can complete the collection without spending a penny; master your favorite collection with one hand, and never have to draw a blind draw.

Regardless of victory or defeat, you can accumulate experience and advance your progress in every game. Pick the area you want to explore the most and unlock your favorite characters, spells and heroes.

Once a week, you can open treasure chests from the treasure house. As you gain experience points, the level of the treasure chest will increase, and the cards in it will become more and more precious, from ordinary cards to hero cards! You can also find a universal card in the treasure chest, it can be turned into any card you want, no more blind draw!

Struggling to climb the ladder
At the end of each season, “Legend of Runeland” will host a grand rune season. Each of the four servers (America, Asia, Europe and Southeast Asia) will each have 1024 qualified points players participating, for glory and cash prizes. war.

Point-to-point battle is not the only way to qualify for the Rune Season-the ultimate fighting arena can help you! Fighting Arena is a limited-time competitive mode with special game rules and limited rewards.

Impromptu deck building
In the expedition mode, gather heroes, spells and servants from all directions, design your deck carefully, and use cards that have not been added to the collection! Plan tactics, compete with the best players from all walks of life, fight for skills, and win the battle!

The laboratory is a time-limited innovative game mode designed to break through the traditional gameplay of “Legend of Runeland”; choose a pre-set deck with specific restrictions, or build your own deck; the game rules are ever-changing, and sometimes you even need friends Come and help! Come here when you are free to see what new ideas Hammerdinger has.



Complete Information of “符文大地傳說 | Legends of Runeterra” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “符文大地傳說 | Legends of Runeterra”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:- Android 5.0+
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.riotgames.legendsofruneterratw

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