American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim


American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim

“American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim” – Do you love driving american cars? American Car Driving Simulator 2020 is the latest driving simulator that will allow you to feel what driving a real american car is! American Car Driving Simulator 2020 allows you to get behind the wheel of the spectacular american cars!

This car driving simulator game features a lot of awesome cars, from hatchbacks, SUVs, classic muscle cars to high performance coupe cars.
Each of them has its own interior and sound to make you feel you drive a real car.
As an option you can choose to have driving hands on steering wheel, for a more realistic view.
Drive simple with the automatic gearbox or switch to the manual gearbox and feel the driving pleasure in this new car game of 2020.

To unlock more power and additional features such as exhaust flame, you can simply press the Sport Button. The game also features an electronic exhaust valve, just press the exhaust button and the car gets louder!

Adjust your cars suspension and camber in real time, prepare them for the track or offroad.

Bored of classic colors? No problem! Personalize your car by selecting your preffered custom paintjob, add neon lights and upgrade your engine power.

Play with the virtual steering wheel, on screen buttons or accelerometer. Improve your driving skill in this amazing USA Car Driving Simulator.

This vehicle game features an huge open world map that reproduces the real United States of America map.
You have a lot of landmarks to explore and get rewards e.g. the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and Las Vegas city etc
No loading screen! The entire map is yours!
You can drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the straight road, explore the snowy mountainous area near Salt Lake City or go offroading in the Nevada desert, all this without interrupting your gameplay.

While driving you will find chests on the road. Collect them and win awesome prizes. There are 3 types of chests : Basic, Epic and Legendary.
TIP: you will not find the most rewarding chests easily, you need to search for them even off-road.

Bored of too much grip? Touch the Drift Mode button and get ready for a lot of fun! Experience drifting with your powerful car and enjoy!

American Car Driving Simulator 2020 now!
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Complete Information of “American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “American Car Driving Simulator 2020 – Real Car Sim”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 10,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.titisoftware.americancardrivingsimulator



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