Another Prince A Lost Tale MOD APK

Another Prince A Lost Tale MOD APK

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Name Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ (
ID info.otomedou.fwe.anotherprinceEn
Requirements 8.0
Size Various

Download “Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ (” MOD APK and enjoy it because it’s freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.

“Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ (“ –  Well then, why don’t you turn the page and get started?
Enjoy this world overflowing with love and tragedy!

Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ is a visual novel featuring various figures from common fairy tales like Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland. Dive into this sweet, heartrending story while you seek to discover the mystery of the “vampire’s blood”!

The princes suffer from a blood curse and have been turned into vampires. Your blood, however, holds a special power… What sort of heart-pounding situations might you end up in?

Solve the mystery with these sexy princes in this fresh retelling!

◆The Story◆
You find a book filled with old fairy tales while working at the library.
“Cinderella”… “The Little Mermaid”… “Rapunzel”…
You grew up with these stories and know them well.
You keep flipping the pages… but all the stories stop halfway through, the pages blank!
And wait, why are all the princesses drawn as princes?!

The princes of this new story all hide a Blood Curse, their stories unending.
And why would they end? The princes still have much left to do.
It’s up to you to figure out just how their stories will end.


◇Cinderella (the arrogant damsel)

Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Theme: Love Toying with Fate

This world transforms Cinderella from the lovely, compassionate woman we all know
into a haughty, arrogant prince.
What does this Cinderella want? And what is his mysterious affiliation with blood…?

◇Rapunzel (the ruthlessly possessive)

Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Theme: Quest to Experience First Love

He lives up high in his tower, never longing for change.
He’s the rational type, perhaps a bit cold. As you forge his new story, just why did he lose his old one in the first place…?

◇Lorelei (the pure-hearted womanizer)

Fairy Tale: the Little Mermaid
Theme: Discovering Love Once More

His kind expressions and well-meaning personality
capture the hearts of women everywhere.

◇Talia (the sweet airhead)
Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty

◇Belle (the curious tease)
Fairy Tale: Beauty and the Beast

◇Alice (the awkward trickster)
Fairy Tale: Alice in Wonderland

◇Beowulf (the naive enigma)
Fairy Tale: ???

◆Game Playstyle◆

“Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~” is a visual novel that requires you to consume scenario tickets to progress through the storyline.

– The game is free-to-play!
You receive 5 free story tickets per day.

– Through the in-game choices, you can change how close you are with a love interest. As you grow more intimate with each other, you can enjoy lovely CGs and scintillating romance. Depending on the prince’s personality, you can enjoy a tempestuous, sweet, or thrilling story.

– Plenty of cute avatars in this world! Feel free to coordinate as you like~!

◆We Recommend This For◆
– Folks who like romantic visual novels, like otome games
– Otome game otakus
– Folks who want to enjoy a scintillating romance with handsome princes
– Those interested in vampires
– People interested in fairy tales
– Those who want a romantic love story
– Folks who read shoujo/josei manga and romantic novels
– Folks who like a good Cinderella story
– People who want to be proposed to by handsome princes they love
– Those who’re looking for something different from the usual school and war romances
– Folks looking for a new Abracadabra visual novel
– People who want to be able to influence their in-game fate

◆System Requirements◆
Android 7.0 or later

◆Game Fees and Other Info◆
Title: Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~
Company: Abracadabra Games
Scenario Writers: Leo Izumi (Edge Works), Nanaka, Ao Haruhi
Illustrator: Meiji Anno
Genre: Romantic Otome Visual Novel
Fees: Free-to-play, in-game purchases
Platform: Smartphone App

◆Official Information◆
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Official Twitter:

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