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Ant Colony Ant Simulation 1.4.0


Ant Colony – Ant Simulation 1.4.0

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Download “Ant Colony – Ant Simulation” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“Ant Colony – Ant Simulation” – Ant Colony is a simulation game which you will build your own kingdom! Everybody wonders ants’ life. In Ant Colony, you can experience ants’ life everyday!

Build you colony, upgrade your ants, unlock new ant types!!

Your ants will search for food, and they will attack enemies!

Upgrade your Ant Hive where your Queen lives!!

Ant Colony is a idle simulation game!

Be careful about enemies, they can kill your ants very quickly, and destroy your colony in a few minutes!

You can create 6 types of ants. They are 3 worker, and 3 soldier ants.

3 worker ant are;

-Normal Worker Ants:
-Have balanced stats
-Medium speed
-Medium food capacity
-Medium life

-Speed Worker Ants:
-These ants are very fast
-High speed
-Small food capacity
-Low life

-Heavy Worker Ants:
-Strong ants with strong legs!!
-Low speed
-High food capacity
-High life

3 soldier ants are;

-Normal Soldier Ants:
-Balanced soldier ants with medium stats
-Medium speed
-Medium attack speed
-Medium attack power
-Medium life

-Speed Soldier Ants:
-Fast ants, they are pretty quick
-Fast speed
-Fast attack speed
-Low attack power
-Low life

-Heavy Soldier Ants:
-Strong, tank ants, but they are slow
-Low speed
-Low attack speed
-High attack power
-High life

There will be more impovements in time. Ants will be able to equip armors, and they will have some skills.

Hive needs some improvements.
Added Boosts!
-You can increase income now!

Added Daily Gifts!
-Everyday, you will get a very good gifts!

-Small Bug fixes

Complete Information of “Ant Colony – Ant Simulation” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Ant Colony – Ant Simulation”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:- Android 4.1+
  • Game Installed:- 50,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.rcpayrc.antcolony

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