Cannons Evolved – Cannon & Ball Shooting Game 1.3


Cannons Evolved – Cannon Ball Shooting Game

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Download “Cannons Evolved – Cannon & Ball Shooting Game” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“Cannons Evolved – Cannon & Ball Shooting Game” – Get ready for some real destructive fun with insane artillery power! Addictive and challenging, use an array of different cannons to destroy voxel/sphere structures and watch them collapse and blow away in a semi-physics based environment with hundreds of unique creations to satisfy your ball shooting desires! Beware, this isn’t your typical cannon shooting game. This new game has you eye-balling with no crosshair to aid you, but fret not, plenty of help coming your way to get that perfect ball shot in Cannons Evolved – Unreal Cannon & Ball Shooting, keep tabs on what’s to come in this free game.

The quick feature list:
-Cannons: Culverin(free), Mortar, Ribault & Phaser
-Ammunition: Cannonball, Heavy Cannon ball, Fire ball, Bouncy ball, Grapeshot, Tornado, Iron Shot, Bigger Shot, Flaming Inferno, Sticky Mines, Death From Below, Death From Above, Holoball, Explosive Wave, Sentry, Laser Ball, Meteor Shower and Singularity.
-400 unique levels
-Over 30 types of obstacles.
-12 cannon skills (3 unique per cannon).
-Performance mode for low-end phones/tablets.
-Diverse difficulty. You might suddenly be on a 3 star streak and hit a very difficult level.

Each cannon comes with 3 amazing skills to aid you once levels become harder. You have 15 different ammunition types to use and they get progressively crazier! From simple ammo such as bigger cannon balls, fire balls, and grapeshots to the best such as tornados, black holes, laser balls, and more! The explosions are a sight to behold, these cannons come equipped to wreck anything in their way. If you were expecting a regular ball shooting scenario, think again, nothing but fun target shooting.

For lower end phones you have at your disposal the Performance Mode option! We are committed to redefining free games, or to be specific, free mobile games.

As you progress further, you’ll meet a variety of new obstacles that’ll make your life much harder. Spinning fans, moving barriers, bouncing balls, dancing balls, floating cubes, lasers, hammers, and worse of all…a combination of any of them! You wanted heavy artillery? How about a sci-fi canon that spawns meteors? Ball shooting has never been this insane! Epic weapons the like you’ve never seen before. Unique levels that have you on your feet every time in different areas such as the forest, the dune, and space with no gravity!

As levels become harder, the rewards become higher, allowing you to unlock more cannons and more balls fitting for the challenges ahead. Watch out and use the best cannon balls in your arsenal for each level. Don’t forget to purchase cannon skills, they will come in handy. There’s no time limit to land that perfect ball shot, so take your time!

Go ahead, pick a cannon, pick an ammo type, and get ball shooting in Cannons Evolved – Unreal Cannon & Ball Shooting, the new 2020 app redefining free games and cannon experience where target shooting is much more than just one ball shot!
Changelog v.1.2.9992

-Full implementation of: Permanent Crosshair. (Added to Ribault and Phaser)

Thank you for playing Cannons Evolved – Cannon & Ball Shooting Game!

Complete Information of “Cannons Evolved – Cannon & Ball Shooting Game” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Cannons Evolved – Cannon & Ball Shooting Game”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.citadelgames.cannonsevolved

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