Brain It On! – P1.6.137hysics Puzzles

Brain It On! Physics Puzzles
Brain It On – Physics Puzzles

“Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles” – Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain!

Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They’re not as easy as they look. Care to give one a try?

◆ Dozens of brain busting physics puzzles, with more being added all the time
◆ Compete with your friends for the Brain It On! crown
◆ Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?
◆ Share your unique solutions and compare with your friends

All the levels can be unlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. You can always find dozens of new player created free levels each day on the community screen. You can also purchase the game to remove all ads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock the level editor.

Please note: purchasing the “No Popup Ads” option just removes the ads between levels, purchasing the “Full Game” will also remove the ads to get hints.

If you like this game, please rate it and leave a comment. As an indie developer your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help! If you don’t like something in the game, please email me at [email protected] and tell me why. I want to hear your feedback and comments so I can continue to make this game better.

You can find me on Twitter at @orbitalnine, see the latest news on the Facebook page at, or get all the details on the website:

I hope you enjoy Brain It On!
– Added a new pack of levels (281-300)
– Added new magnet objects and goals to the level editor
– Bug fixes

Complete Information of “Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 50,000,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.orbital.brainiton


MyLONY: Cats 0.15.46& Dogs

MyLONY Cats & Dogs
MyLONY Cats Dogs

“MyLONY: Cats & Dogs” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“MyLONY: Cats & Dogs” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“MyLONY: Cats & Dogs” – Heartwarming stories,
Cute pets,
Interesting puzzles.

You can have all of these – and even more – in just one game!

A talking dog and cat🐕🐈 from Star Lony will visit you.
They can become a human with your love.
Help your pet to become a human.
Enjoy the various romantic episodes with your pet.
Dress up your pet, decorate your room with furniture, and communicate with characters in town.
Your pet will become a human in no time if you keep interacting with your friends!
Play puzzles to open new stories and collect cool items!

◆ Play puzzles intertwined with stories.
◆ Clear quests to increase the Affinity with your pet.
◆ Costumes for your pet & furniture items to decorate your room.
◆ Go on an adventure in the town and be friends with your neighbors.
◆ Grow vegetables in your garden for your pet.
◆ Have PvP battles against animal NPCs.

Change your pet into a human with your love in this unique pet game, MyLONY.
Begin your own special story now!

More puzzles and romantic stories are to be updated.
Please wait for future updates. Your review will be appreciated.

– Facebook :

■ Announcement of smartphone application access privileges
– Photo/Media/File Save (required access)
Used to save game execution related files and save play movies/screenshots.

■ Developer contacts
Origin Studios Inc. [624, 245, Geumnam-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju, 61475, Rep. of KOREA]
– Added: Boss Raid
– Fixed: Speed Match balances
– Fixed: Client optimization
– Fixed: Network stabilization

Complete Information of “MyLONY: Cats & Dogs” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “MyLONY: Cats & Dogs”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 50,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- net.vogie.mylony


Logic Art – Sim1.4.4ple Puzzle Game

Logic Art Simple Puzzle Game
Logic Art – Simple Puzzle Game

“Logic Art – Simple Puzzle Game” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“Logic Art – Simple Puzzle Game” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Logic Art – Simple Puzzle Game” – Logic Art is the most comfortable and best addictive logic puzzle game. You must try it!
Logic Art has four different difficulties stages that are level 1: a piece of cake, level 2: still easy, level 3: hard, level 4: tough.
Also, the game has many adorable pixel arts. You can find many different types of visuals.

How to Play:
Complete a picture with clues from the numbers at the top and left.
The numbers show how many consecutive cells to mark, and if there are two or more numbers, you must leave at least one blank cell in between groups of filled cells.

You can choose from four difficulty levels.
From LEVEL1 that even beginners can easily pass to LEVEL4. You can play plenty of stages, and it depends on your time or mood of the day!

If you can’t solve the problem, use the tips button (bulb mark).
If you want to stop on the way, just close it! Because it is equipped with an auto-save function, there is no need to save it!

How to operate Logic Art
• Pencil Button(Fill Button)
It is a button to mark a cell.
You can mark continuously by moving your finger up, down, left, or right.

If you put a mark with this button in the wrong place with AUTO CHECK turned on, you need to be careful because your life points (heart mark) would be reduced by one.

• X Button
It is a button to put a ×.
Use this when you want to mark a cell that you do not want to mark.

• Undo, Redo Buttons
Use this to undo a mistake, or to redo a part that was undone. You can reset everything back to the starting point.

• Reset Button
You can instantly reset everything you filled in so far back to the start. Once you use the Reset Button, you cannot undo it.

• Tips Button
You can get three tips each day. When you use it, one random row or column will be revealed.
If you use all your tips points, you can watch a video to get an extra tips point. You can watch videos any number of times.
Even if you have filled in all rows and columns, tips points will respond if you put a fill mark in the wrong place.
You will get back three tips points once per day at midnight JST.

When Autocheck is on, a red X mark automatically appears when you mark the wrong cell, and you lose one life point.
Life points depend on the stages’ difficulties, but if you use up all lives, you can watch ads to get one life.

Let’s change the color when a problem is solved.
If it is on, when you solve a problem, you can mark it in the same color as in the completed picture.
If it is off when you solve a problem, it will be marked in a uniform pink color, and the image will be colored in when it is completed.

• How to Cancel Multi-fill

If you want to cancel Multi-fill, you can cancel it by undoing back to the cell you started marking from.

• Handy Tips for the Fill and X Buttons
If you do continuous filling with the X Button after placing fill marks, the fill marks will be left as-is when placing X marks.
If you do continuous filling with the Pencil Button after placing X marks, the X marks will be left as-is when placing fill marks.

• Using Tips
Tips will reveal one random row or column.
If you use up your hints, you can watch an ad to recover one hint.
The hints you used will recover on the next day! (Three tips are recovered at midnight JST)

• Helpful Tips for Zooming (Level 3 and Level 4 only)
To zoom in, press the + on the magnifying glass, or pinch out to enlarge.
Handy one-finger scrolling!
You can fill in a cell by selecting the Pencil Button and tapping on the screen.
You can do continuous filling with a long press on a cell you want to fill and swiping in any direction.
To zoom out, press the – on the magnifying glass, or pinch in on the screen.

• About Autosave
Automatically saves if you leave the app during play.
The next time you launch the app, it shows where you left off last time with a green cell.
fixed small bugs.

Complete Information of “Logic Art – Simple Puzzle Game” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Logic Art – Simple Puzzle Game”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- jp.furyu.logicart


Lines game2.0.8

Lines game
Lines game

“Lines game” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“Lines game” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Lines game” – Boring class? Meeting? Look busy and concentrated while playing lines. Arrange balls of same color on straight lines
of 5 or more to remove them while new balls come after each turn.

Highscore system allows you to compare your skills with best players around – it shows not only daily , weekly and monhtly lists – but also games being played right now. This allows you to react quickly if somebody is about to overtake you.

/! Use “new game” menu function to start new game and submit highscores
/! Please rate and comment
/! Report bugs and problems to developer
FIxed local highscore storage problem. Added periodic complete synchronization wtith backend

Complete Information of “Lines game” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Lines game”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 10,000+
  • PlayStore ID:-


Ocean Merge1.15

Ocean Merge
Ocean Merge

“Ocean Merge” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“Ocean Merge” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Ocean Merge” – Once upon a time…Mermaids and tritons were living peacefully in their ocean kingdom until evil creatures started to pollute their environment with toxic oily substances! In order to prevent collapse of their kingdom and take back their territory, they have to clear it using Healing Orbs and fight off monsters spreading more toxic pollution.The kingdom is under attack and YOU are its only hope to revive the ocean land back to life!

● Merge everything!
Welcome to the land of mermaids and tritons where you can merge all kinds of items into even more amazing creations! Starting with the eggs, they can evolve into grown up beings! As a ruler of the Ocean kingdom, it’s up to you to revive the mermaid society. Merge plants, merge buildings, merge chests, merge animals, merge sea creatures, merge statues, and mermaids themselves.

● Solve puzzles!
Match 3 items of the same kind to awaken ocean creatures who will help you heal the poisoned land. Figure out the puzzles, merge items, complete levels and challenges to collect treasures and bring them back to your Capital. Ocean adventure awaits!

● Grow your Capital!
Collect and merge your rewards to awake more Ocean mermaids and tritons. How big will your capital grow? Collect magic treasure chests and open them with magic keys. Merge magic creatures: eggs, seahorses, underwater plants and special healing orbs. As time goes by, the more land and water will become clear and the Capital will be more abundant with buildings, magic plants, animals and magic items. Decor your kingdom with seashells, flowers, plants and many more adornments! You can unlock more decorations by levelling up! Once you discover new magic objects, you can use them on your land to make it a more colorful, cute and nice place!

● Discover the world full of fantasy!
Design the environment and customize Capital as you want. Adorable characters, cute mermaids and strong mermans are waiting for you! Unlock challenging levels to discover more decorations and objects to place in your Kingdom!

● Special Events are here!
Once in a while you will be invited to take part in special adventures! In seasonal events you can unlock unique creatures which can become inhabitants of your ocean Capital!

Ocean Merge is 100% free to play game! now and be ready for more soon!

Complete Information of “Ocean Merge” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Ocean Merge”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.sheepyard.ocean.merge.match.magic


Bubble Pop Or21.0225.00igin! Puzzle Game

Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game
Bubble Pop Origin Puzzle Game

“Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

(    )
“Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game” – Bubble Pop Origin: an addictive bubble pop adventure!

Match 3 to blast & drop colorful balls in this addictive bubble shooter game! Explore caves filled with treasure as you blast your way to the top! Use your bubble shooter to break pots, collect gems, and more as you challenge a variety of levels!

Will you be able to finish the level before you run out of shots? Pop your way through challenging puzzles using a combination of skill, strategy, and luck. Enjoy hours of ball pop fun – perfect for killing time both at home or out and about!

Challenge yourself to get the highest score possible on each level, earning stars and coins with each success! An accurate guiding line will help you to make tricky shots off the wall. Aim, match, and shoot carefully to pop bubbles and drop as many as possible! Get combos to charge up special boosters and super-charge your shots!

Blast your way to victory in these free bubble pop games!
Don’t miss out on the chance for adventure, and download today!

• Use the guiding line to aim your shooter and release where you want!
• Match 3 or more bubbles to make them pop!
• Use less shots to score higher and try to earn 3 stars.
• Create powerful boosters & items to help you blast through levels.

• Daily spinner to earn coins or special boosters!
• Hundreds of unique levels with various fun challenges!
• Easy to learn but difficult to master.
• No WiFi needed. Play anytime, anywhere.
• Play everyday to get special rewards!
• Shooting sounds and gorgeous visual effects.
• Optimized for tablets & smartphones

• Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
• Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.


Privacy Policy (2020)

[email protected]
21.0225.00 Update Note :
Bug Fixes
– Minor Bug fixed
Performance improvements
Have Fun & Enjoy!

Complete Information of “Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Bubble Pop Origin! Puzzle Game”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 5,000,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.puzzle1studio.go.bubblepoporiginpuzzlegame




“گلمراد” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

(    )
“گلمراد” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“گلمراد” – میتونی به گلمراد کمک کنی تا خونه قدیمی رو به مدرن‌ترین خونه شهر تبدیل کنه؟

گلمراد که بعد از دوری چند ساله از خونه قدیمی، بعد از ازدواجش با الهام تصمیم میگیره دوباره به خونه دوران بچگیش برگرده. اما این خونه که چندین ساله کسی توش نبوده، اونقدرا که گل‌مراد فکر می‌کنه درست کردنش راحت نیست و با چالش‌های مختلفی روبرو میشه.

دوست داری تو ماجراجویی‌های گلمراد باهاش همراه باشی؟
پس همین الان این بازی رو نصب کن و به گلمراد کمک کن.

ویژگی‌های بازی :

– مراحل متنوع
– گرافیک خیره کننده
– گیم‌پلی بسیار روان و جذاب
– داستان درگیرکننده

گلمراد یا گل مراد، مسئله این است!
Can you help Golmurad turn the old house into the most modern house in town?

Golmrad, who decided to return to her childhood home after a few years away from her old home, after her marriage to Elham. But this house, which has not been inhabited for many years, is not as easy to build as Golmorad thinks, and it faces various challenges.

Would you like to be with him in Golmorad’s adventures?
So install this game right now and help Golmorad.

Game Features:

– Various steps
– Stunning graphics
– Very smooth and attractive gameplay
– Storytelling

Golmorad or Gol Morad, this is the problem!

Complete Information of “گلمراد” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “گلمراد”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 500,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.medrick.match3


LINE: Disney T1.78.0sum Tsum

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum
LINE Disney Tsum Tsum

“LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

(    )
“LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum” – The most famous Disney puzzle game with more than 70 million downloads worldwide!
Get it for free right now and play with cute Tsum Tsum like the iconic Mickey Mouse!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is the cutest puzzle game ever!
Collect, connect and pop Tsum Tsum based on the popular and cute Disney Tsum Tsum plushes like Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and other cute Disney characters are here to play with you in this puzzle game! You can also play with villains like Maleficent or The Evil Queen!

You can download this app for free. Also, this app contains links to social media in order for players to connect with each other, and in-app purchases that cost real money.

How to Play
The rules of this puzzle game are very simple:
‐ Collect all the cute Disney Tsum Tsum and set your favorite as your MyTsum.
You will first receive a Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum for free!
– Connect 3 or more of the same Tsum Tsum to pop them.
– The more Tsum Tsum you connect, the more points you’ll get!
– Start Fever Times to rack up a whole bunch of extra points!
– Each Tsum Tsum has a different skill. Start with an easy-to-play Tsum Tsum like Mickey Mouse so you can get used to the gameplay. Then, use a Tsum Tsum that matches your personal play style! Find a strategy that works for you!
– If you log in using the app on a regular basis, you can get free bonuses to help you level up!

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is published by LINE under license from Disney.
Version 1.78.0 Update Details

Thank you for playing LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum.
The content of this update is as follows:

– Data for Tsum Tsum scheduled for future release added
– Fixes and improvements to Tsum Tsum animations and visuals

We will be doing our best to continue to make LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum more fun and wonderful than ever, so please stick with us!

Complete Information of “LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 10,000,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.linecorp.LGTMTMG


Impostor: Kill 1.3.2them all

Impostor: Kill them all
Impostor Kill them all

“Impostor: Kill them all” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

(    )
“Impostor: Kill them all” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Impostor: Kill them all” – The Impostor is a fun and engaging Puzzle game. Your mission is simple: Execute all living crew mate in the spaceship. Let no one survive.

– Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill the crew mates, and sabotage the objects.
– When you kill everyone without getting noticed, the level is completed.
– Be careful with crew mate, they may discover you are The Impostor

+ This is a anti-hero games style.
+ Train your brain. This is logical puzzle game
+ Easy to play with simple control your player
New level will update every week. Please wait and enjoy our game
New Pet

Complete Information of “Impostor: Kill them all” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Impostor: Kill them all”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.impostor.killthemall


Sweet Home St1.4.7ory

Sweet Home Story
Sweet Home Story

“Sweet Home Story” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

(    )
“Sweet Home Story” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Sweet Home Story” – Are you looking for ROMANCE, MYSTERY, and PUZZLES?
Have you ever dreamt of designing and decorating your own home exactly how you want?

Sweet Home Story,make your home designing dreams come true.Give the old mansion a complete makeover!
A combination of match-3 puzzles plus home decorating gameplay brings you an overwhelming fun gaming experience!Renovate all kinds of rooms and houses including a garden,a balcony,locker room and any other rome you want!

● Home design:Design and decorate your dream houses,Many design options will give you maximum freedom to explore your creativity!
● Challenge: Tons of exciting match-3 levels await! Hundreds of challenging match-3 levels with awesome blast boosters. More matching challenging means more fun!
● New friends:meet lots of lifelike characters,follow their interesting stories while you play
● Cute pet:Keep a lovely cat.

Come to challenge this match-3 home decor puzzle game for free!!Show us your gift for decorating houses!
January Update here!
-New Room:Welcome the mysterious visitors in the peaceful Teahouse!
-Spring festival now available. Come get the limited-editon decos of the Courtyard!
-New elements: Ice Block!
-Bug fixes.

Complete Information of “Sweet Home Story” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Sweet Home Story”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 1,000,000+
  • PlayStore ID:-