CCX Drift Drive and Modification Simulator 2.1


CCX Drift Drive and Modification Simulator

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Download “CCX Drift Drive and Modification Simulator” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“CCX Drift Drive and Modification Simulator” – Update v2.1
We have just launched our first update from the series of 12 updates.
You will see the following differences.
– New Agera is now available to drive as you guys were asking for.
– Speedometer is now on top left corner. (Soon will be customizable)
– Optimized game for better performance.
– New money and reward system added.
– Color correction for better graphics.

Update v1.2.1
We added new missions for you guys to enjoy along with other minor fixes and optimizations.
2 New Mission types added
– Parking missions
– Impossible Track missions

Update v1.1
We just updated the game with cool new stuff.
Now you can capture the perfect screenshot of the game using a little in game editor and share it with almost all the social media platform you have on your mobile phone.

5 new mission types for players to enjoy in the free roam map. Those missions include
– Checkpoint Race
– Vase Break Missions
– Speed Cam Missions
– Bench Break Missions
– Easter Egg Find and Collect Missions (Easter Holiday Special)

Along with that we have enhanced the graphics of the game and have added the option to use nitrous purge while in the free roam map as one of our reviewers asked us to do.
Also, now you can change the density and the colour of the tyre smoke as well.
We have also reduced the ad frequency in the game.

We have almost 12 more updated in the pipeline which include new maps, traffic mode and new missions which we would try to roll out every month for you guys.
If you have any suggestions or would like to see any vehicles or maps, please let us know through our Facebook page or email.

For the fans of CCX we present an amazing game featuring their favourite vehicle.
The game features complete customisation of the vehicle so that you can pimp your ride and enjoy it. The game features over 50 different rims and 30 different spoilers and neons and many more options for you to explore. After modification of your ride you can take it to the streets and drift it or drive it.

These are some of the customization options :
– Spoiler change
– Rims change

Paint Options:
– Body paint
– Rims
– Spoiler
– Windshield
– Neons
– Headlights
– Nitrous Purge

With much more to come, this simulator features the best options for you to enjoy the vehicle you love. The game also features 3 different controls schemes for you to enjoy along with 5 different camera options so that you can have the top best possible view driving your CCX.

So engineer your ride, get in the workshop and customise it. Drift it, Drive it, Enjoy it.
Update 2.1 is now Ready. Agera is now available for drive.

Complete Information of “CCX Drift Drive and Modification Simulator” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “CCX Drift Drive and Modification Simulator”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.ThunderclapStudios.CCXDriftDriveAndModificationSimulator

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