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Craft World 3D – Block Craft 3D Mini World games 0.9.9

Download “Craft World 3D – Block Craft 3D Mini World games!” MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money) + Unlimited Coins + Cheats + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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Download “Craft World 3D – Block Craft 3D Mini World games!” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“Craft World 3D – Block Craft 3D Mini World games!” – Welcome to the free crafting and building mini world simulation games! Real survival & block craft are waiting for you, mine resources and make various items, weapons and tools. Exploration of a new mini world filled with zombies, skeletons and many wild animals! Build your own house in the forest, decorate it and develop your settlement to the city! The simulation games includes two modes: survival and creative (sandbox) with unlimited resources in your inventory.

? Features:

• Real survival simulation games: special mode for those who like challenges. Mine blocks, build a hut, fish, cook and don’t let the harsh climate overpower you! A creative mod, aka sandbox, will allow you to build houses and cities with an unlimited source of resources, flight mode and immortality.

• Large catalog of items: furniture for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and more. Items for block crafting and building a farm, garden, terrace and much more. You can get survival items such as bow, spear, dagger, armor and others!

• A lot of interesting animals, zombies, skeletons and more are waiting for you! You can hunt, fish, raise livestock and even build your own farm! In creative mode, you can spawn bears, spiders and even zombies! The mini world is full of diverse flora and fauna!

• Get items straight from the catalog! The in-game catalog allows you to quickly receive blocks from any category, as well as change character skins! Survival mode has a unique crafting and building system, just like in real hardcore simulation games!

• Explore an endless cube voxel mini world! There are many different biomes in the world, from snowy to dry desert! Mine, day and night system, high snowy mountains and survival island await you!

? Do whatever you want! In our block craft simulation games, you can take on absolutely any role. A farm can be built in the world, fishing allows you to catch salmon and cook it over a fire. You can make mini world forest houses, hunting can bring you skins for making clothes. Crafting and building weapons and armor will allow you to protect your building from dangerous night and day enemies skeletons of archers, zombies, evil mine predators, spiders, etc.)! Real survival and free exploration!

? Decorate your own home! Endless construction of forest huts, mini houses and even mansions! You can make a beautiful living room, bedroom, study, make workshop, kitchen, mine hall, games room and decorate your own yard with a beautiful garden and pool! The sandbox includes various options for a block craft of tables, chairs, cabinets, carpets, flowers, lamps, furniture for the kitchen and bedroom and other rooms.

? Pets! In the creative mode, you have the opportunity to have any pet. This is a real fun animal adventure simulation games! Mini world rabbits are suitable for girls and wild wolves for boys! You don’t need hunting – the farm allows you to breed livestock safely. Peaceful creatures can play simulation games among themselves. Crafting and building a fence will allow you to create an entire enclosed space for animals! For the most hardcore play, there is the option to develop a mini world zombie farm! In the survival mode, you have even more interesting adventures with them!

If you find a bug, email us at [email protected] (Official our free block craft game support)
Thank you for playing our game! In this update, we have fixed many bugs, worked on optimizations and improved performance on slower devices.
And much more awaits you inside!

Complete Information of “Craft World 3D – Block Craft 3D Mini World games!” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Craft World 3D – Block Craft 3D Mini World games!”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:- Android 8.0+
  • Game Installed:- 100,000+
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