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Download “DropPoint” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“DropPoint” – 荒廃し、危険な生物が人類を脅かしている未来・・・あなたは空中要塞に生き残ったただひとりのエンジニアとして、相棒のロボットとともに人類の解放を目指します。







++ DropPointはこんなゲームです ++

+ ロボットのお世話をして、戦場に送り出します。
+ ロボットが出撃している間はなにも出来ませんが、無線機でロボットと連絡をとることができます。
+ 多種多彩な武器、食べもの、敵キャラクターが登場。
+ ロボットには多彩なリアクションや会話パターンが搭載されています。同じアイテムでも、初めて見る時と2回目では反応に変化が。
+ 前作「TimeMachine(SF仕送りアドベンチャー)」のエッセンスを盛り込んでいます。
+ 課金しなくても最後まで完全に遊ぶことができます。
+ 他作品とストーリー上のつながりはありません(世界観は共通です)。
A future of devastated and dangerous creatures threatening humanity … As the only engineer who survived the aerial fortress, you aim to liberate humanity with your partner robot.

Repair the robot,

Equipped with weapons,

Then, bring your lunch and send it to the battlefield [Drop Point].

Whether or not the robot returns safely depends on your maintenance. It is equipped with a multi-ending system whose ending changes according to your actions.

The robot has a variety of conversation patterns, reactions, and questions to you, all of which affect the robot.

Can your bento [love] give heart to combat weapons?

++ DropPoint is such a game ++

+ Take care of the robot and send it to the battlefield.
+ You can do nothing while the robot is in a sortie, but you can contact the robot by radio.
+ A wide variety of weapons, food, and enemy characters have appeared.
+ The robot is equipped with various reactions and conversation patterns. Even with the same item, the reaction changes between the first time you see it and the second time.
+ Incorporates the essence of the previous work “Time Machine (SF remittance adventure)”.
+ You can play completely to the end without paying.
+ There is no story connection with other works (the world view is the same).
+ 「ほかのゲーム」紹介機能を、外部サイトに誘導する方式に変更
+ 最新のSDKに更新

Complete Information of “DropPoint” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “DropPoint”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 5,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.zxima.DropPoint

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