GaanaP - Bollywood Music Games MOD APK

GaanaP – Bollywood Music Games MOD APK

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Name GaanaP – Bollywood Music Games
ID com.gaanap
Requirements 5.0
Size Various

Download “GaanaP – Bollywood Music Games” MOD APK and enjoy it because it’s freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.

“GaanaP – Bollywood Music Games” –  Our Mission: To entertain Bollywood Music fans through unique quiz games, blogs, and other content based on Hindi film music.

The concept behind Gaana Pehchaana, also known as GaanaP, is quite simple. You can listen to a short audio clip from within your favorite songs, and you are asked Gaana Pehchaana? Did you recognize the song? You tell us your answer by selecting from a multiple-choice list. It’s that simple! This basic concept is built into different fun-filled gaming options from Rapid-Fire Rounds to Musical Tic-tac-toe!

Score as many points as you can and do better than all the other Hindi Film music fans. Get more points by guessing quickly or guessing harder clips. Check the leaderboards to see how you are doing! Invite and challenge your friends to do better than you!

You can customize the games to your liking. Select your favorite decades of music, from the golden oldies (1930’s) to the latest hits (2020’s)! Select your difficulty level – have fun with just easy clips, or challenge yourself with harder clips. Our clips are rated on the musical scale: Sa (easiest) – Re -Ga – Ma – Pa (hardest).

Besides the quiz games, you can also learn fun facts about your favorite songs with our “Did You Know” feature. And read interesting blogs related to Hindi Film Music.

Here’s what will make your ‘trip down music lane’ even more interesting!

GaanaP would like to acknowledge the support provided by our music partner – Saregama India Ltd. As you play our games, you will enjoy clips from Saregama’s fabulous industry-leading catalog of Bollywood songs from golden oldies to today’s rocking hits!

Five Interesting Music Gaming Modes-

We constantly add new fun game formats. Today, we offer you these five fun games!

Bhagam Bhag: You only have one minute… hurry!

Are you quick with recollecting songs? Then this one’s for you!
Clips are coming at you in rapid-fire mode! Guess the songs quickly! But the time limit is only a minute! How many did you get correct?

Theek Thaak Ho: Play Musical Tic-Tac-Toe with a Friend!

All of us have played Tic-Tac-Toe with X’s and O’s with friends. GaanaP offers a musical version of this well known game. Invite your friend to play! Each X or O has a music clip behind it. Beat your friend to the first straight line of three correctly guessed clips and YOU WIN!

Ansuna: Which Song Did you Not Hear?

Another fun-filled challenge… guess the odd one out of a list of four songs. Three clips are played one after the other – guess each one from the list and the fourth which you didn’t hear is your ‘Ansuna’ or ‘Unheard’ clip.

Teen Maar Khan: Can You Survive 5 Difficulty levels?

Five levels of increasing difficulty clips from Sa to Pa. But don’t worry, you get three tries at each level! But yes, you should worry because you only have three lives. Teen Baar Maar Khaya (three wrong answers) toh Gaya (and you are out)! Can you get to the Pa level and win?

Aur Sunao: Can’t guess the song? Aur Sunaoon (Wanna hear more of the clip)?

Sometimes you don’t need to hear much of the clip to recognize the song. Are you that good? No worries, just click on the mike and we will play more of the clip. Faster you guess, more points for you!

GaanaP Live!
We host regular live contests and provide our users the opportunity to create their private events through GaanaP Live. Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Celebrate with your own private GaanaP Live! Event with customized curated content of your liking! Need some fun added to your company’s team-building event? Let us conduct a GaanaP Live for you and make your team closer and stronger!

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Refer a friend and get 200 tokens when they mention you in their profile!

Download, Play and Win!
So don’t waste any time! Download GaanaP now and test your Bollywood knowledge with interesting games and contests with friends!

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