Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game 7.9.1


Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game

“Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game” APK + MOD + + Unlimited Money + Unlimited Coins + + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game

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“Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
Developer:- APK

“Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game” – We have adapted Hangman, the most popular word game of our childhood, to the present day.
There are many new generation word games available, but we did not give up the classic.
We thought hard about the clues that we prepared and tried to make our game more fun.
We have provided you with the opportunity to test your vocabulary with your competitors. Most importantly, we made it completely free.
There are no levels in the game that you can’t pass without paying.
You will enjoy chatting with your opponent while doing some brain training.
Hangman is a word game, but it is also a puzzle game.
Word hunt is waiting for you. Find words before your opponent and win. You can call it a war of words. Show your difference with your vocabulary and win this war of words.

The word puzzle game Hangman Multiplayer, which can be played online with 2 people with a chat function, is here!

How to play this new Word Search and Word Puzzle game?

Our Hangman game consists mainly of 2 parts. Single Game Mode and Online Game Mode.

Online Game Mode:

* You can play with random opponents or you can play with friends you have made in the game.
* You can chat with your opponent in the game. If you don’t want to chat, you can hide the conversation.
* When you enter the game you can give 10 online points and earn 20 or 25 online points. If you take a risk and guess the word before the letters are fully opened, you win +5 online points.
* On the home page you will find the best of the Online Game Mode.
* If you take a risk and press the guess button and open the wrong letter, you lose.
* When the game is completed you can add your opponent as friend if you are in a random game mode.
* When the game with your friend is finished, you can rematch as much as you want.
* Matches will be made according to your language while playing online games!

Single Game Mode:

* In single game mode, you will compete with yourself. You need to find the words with the clues given without a limitation, before your man is hung.
* You need to know 3 words consecutively to complete the level.
* We give you 5 Online Points every time you pass to a new level.
* There are 100 levels.
* The home page has a list of the best of the Single Game Mode.

Friendship Section:

* You can chat with your friends outside a game as well.
* If you are uncomfortable with the friend you’re chatting with, you can easily remove them by clicking on your profile.
* Players you have removed from friendship can not send you a message again.
* You can send a game invitation to your friends from this section.

English Words and Foreign Competitors:

* When you change your language to Turkish in the Settings section, the game will be completely Turkish.
* You will see Turkish words both in the singular and online modes from now on.
* You can also improve your Turkish by playing with users playing from abroad.

– You can also play our word game offline as well. You can practice by playing in a single game mode.
– You can stay fit by playing our Hangman game instead of doing boring brain exercises.
– Over time, we’ll add new words.

* We look forward to your help in becoming the most popular word game. If you have suggestions for Turkish, English words and tips, please email us. We will add them to our vocabulary. We will share your name on our Instagram account.

* Your valuable comments are welcome.
* We would like to thank Tuğçe Düşova İşbilir for her creative support in the graphic design of the game.
– Minor bugs fixed.

Complete Information of “Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Hangman Multiplayer – Online Word Game”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 500,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.emrekhan.hangmanmultiplayerandroid



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