Hungry Ocean – eat and grow 0.10.6 MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money) Download

Hungry Ocean – eat and grow MOD APK HackUnlimited Money

Download “Hungry Ocean – eat and grow” MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money) + Unlimited Coins + Cheats + Unlocked of Android Latest Version Game/App

Download “Hungry Ocean – eat and grow MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money) ” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“Hungry Ocean – eat and grow MOD APK (Hack/Unlimited Money)” – Hungry Ocean is a beautiful world where small hungry fish eat fish and grow bigger. The rules of survival in the underwater kingdom fish are simple: eat or die yourself. Take a underwater trip, where you will sea of crazy ​​fish and learn how to escape from the insidious shark giants.

Your main goal – to become an experienced fish hunter, not an easy prey shark. The fish survival and feeding simulator of water is not just a continuous food search and underwater battle with killer fish. This is a real marine fish evolution! Help your gluttonous fish take its place of honor at the top of the food chain!

◆ Gameplay Features in Hungry Ocean ◆
● The fish that eats everything is you. When the game starts, you will be a small fish, so you need to swim continuously and eat smaller fish in order to get bigger. In Hungry Ocean game fish eat others marine in his path, get frenzy and become more bigger.
● Track the growth of fish. While eating smaller fish, the player’s size increases. The growth bar at the top of the screen will indicate when you will be ready to eat larger fish. Your size will change with every bite you eat.
● Earn experience points. In the process of passing the game, you need to complete missions at each level in order to discover new ocean worlds advance further in spearfishing.
● Let your angry hungry fish eat fish constantly. Absorb everything around to go into madness mode. Stay afloat for as long as possible, devouring all the weaker fish in your path!
● Unlock new predator fish. Spend experience points to buy other fish stronger predators.

Remember, not only your fish is trying to taking over the world by eating their own kind! Underwater fish life is full of dangers – watch out for big enemies. In the world of hungry and angry ravenous sharks, there are individuals stronger than you and they also want to eat. If your little goldfish meets on his way an great white shark, then the giant will eat the little hungry fish automatically. Try to escape and swim away from the shark attack until your small fish upgrade is big enough for a retaliatory clash.

Attention! It is not only the predatory huge fish in the sea that can become an obstacle to achieving your goal. Insidious jellyfish live in clear waters – a collision with them will slow you down.

◆ Game Benefits ◆
● Convenient control of fish on the screen. You can move the predator, collect bonuses and swallow prey with one finger.
● Interesting missions. Gain experience as the levels get harder.
● Play anywhere. You don’t need internet for big fish to eat small fish.
● Beautiful design sea levels. During the survival of the fish, you can enjoy the vivid graphics of the pocket aquarium with smooth animations of water, algae and other predatory fish.
● There are many marine species to be found in the fish games. During the passage of the game you will meet the most beautiful and unusual inhabitants of the sea, who, like you love eat everything in their path.

Hungry Ocean is a perfect game for adults and children all ages. Colorful sea fish, relaxing background music, beautiful blue ocean background and simple gameplay make this game very addicting. Eating shoal of fish is not the only way to grow faster. In the depths of the ocean, during the game, you can collect bonuses that can improve the abilities of the fish. Collect at the level sunken bonus objects to become invisible, freeze time or speed up.

Start feeding and raising fish now! Explore an underwater world filled with delicious and exotic creatures, who are waiting to be eaten! Not everything is so simple – living in a world where you are not the only predator will not be so easy. Get more experienced, hone your survival skills in fish paradise and complete one level after another in Hungry Ocean.
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