KJV Bible Memory Verses Game


KJV Bible Memory Verses Game

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Download “KJV Bible Memory Verses Game” and enjoy because its freely available for your Android Mobile and Android Tab.
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“KJV Bible Memory Verses Game”App features in brief:
-Unique daily Bible memory verses for users.
-User sees the previous day’s Bible memory verse.
-2 quiz formats to test memorization (puzzle format and fill-in format).
-6 notifications or reminders spread within the day.
-Weekly memory verses pool.
-Central memory verses pool where user has access to all verses in the app.
-Search button under Central Memory Verses.
-Ability to redesign verses and share verses with loved ones.
-Suitable for phones and tablets.

Detailed App Description:

Memory verses from the Bible Game app is aimed at educating and inspiring Bible believers of all ages. The emphasis of this app is to help us memorize Bible verses from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

The importance of God’s word in the life a Christian cannot be overemphasized. Therefore the need for a platform that provides daily King James Version (KJV) Bible verses in forms for people to easily memorize and recite effortlessly.

We need the word of God in our souls (minds) and spirits in order to develop and achieve our God given aspirations.

This app is relatively user friendly and the verses and app itself can easily be shared with loved ones by making a few clicks. God richly bless you.

Features and functions:

This app gives users one Bible memory verse every day therefore at least 365 memory verses will be randomly available to each app user.

The features include:

Weekly Verses Pool
Central Verses Pool
Share App

At ‘Home’, the following subcategories are available.

1.’Today’s Verse’ presents the memory verse of the day.

2.‘Yesterday’s Verse’ repeats the memory verse of the previous day. This is to help us refer to the previous day’s memory verse. The app automatically deletes any memory verse which appeared earlier than the previous day but stores these under Weekly Verses Pool.

3. ‘Share’ button allows the app user to share the memory verses with relations. Clicking the ‘share’ button links the user to several platforms including ‘Messenger’; ‘Whatsapp’; ‘Gmail’; ‘Tweeter’; ‘Yahoomail’ and others where the verse can be shared.

4. Quiz format selection: There is always a quiz for the Bible memory verse of the day and that of previous day’s memory verse. Tap the ‘play’ icon to go to quiz and the 2 quiz formats will appear: puzzle format or missing words format.

In providing an answer to the puzzle format, one is required to drag the words to form the complete sentence(s). With regards to the missing words format quiz, all the missing words have to be entered correctly before submission for scoring.

What is new in this update: access to “Central Verses Pool” and “Puzzle Quizzes”. A user now has access to over 800 verses at a go; memorize and take quizzes on these verses.

At ‘settings’ the following exist:

1.‘Appearances per day’ selection: One has the option to set how often the memory verse should AUTOMATICALLY appear in a day. The app allows a maximum of 6 times appearances per day because everybody has a different memorization capacity.

2. ‘Font type’; ‘Font colour’ and ‘Font size’ selection: Various font types, font colours and font sizes are available for selection depending on choice. You may select dull or bright colours depending on your choice.

A person also has the choice to change the default background picture of the memory verses to one’s preferred picture(s). To do this, go to the gallery of your phone to select the picture of your choice. Sharing the memory verses with one’s own customized background picture(s) makes it unique and appealing to the recipient.

The app is able to ‘score’ the answered quiz question. To return to the home page (interface) after answering a quiz, please tap the screen showing the score and you will be taken back to the quiz screen. From there, you can find your way back to the home interface.

Stay blessed as you enrich your spirit with the Word of God.
-Short memory verses version has been added.
-Faith, Hope, Love verses version has been added.
-Proverbs verses version has been added.

Complete Information of “KJV Bible Memory Verses Game” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “KJV Bible Memory Verses Game”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 50,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- memory.verses.com.knowyourmemoryverses.biblegames

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