Knife Throw Royale 3: Knives


Knife Throw Royale 3 Knives

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“Knife Throw Royale 3: Knives”Welcome to Knife Throw Royale 3, the third part of the famous Knife Throw Royale saga.

Millions of players have played our successful saga of knife throwing games around the world. This third part of the saga has been created for all this players than really enjoy free knife throwing games. We have include several new knives, and weapons like lightsaber, axes, or even a stab.

You can enjoy our knife throwing game with friends, you can play with them when you want, also you can play knives games when you are on the bus, it is a very common way of enjoy a knife game like ours. Some of or users play our free knife game when they are waiting for the bus, or just play our knife app when they are boring in their daily homeworks. We can say that Knife throw games are a typical free casual game.

We have launched new weapons like the acclaimed lightsaber sword, many of our users had been requesting that we must include the lightsaber sword in the game. So now you can play lightsaber games in knife throw royale 3! What a knife app game! right?

When you play knife throw games, you have to play against the tree trunks, you have to bust the trunks with the knives, or with any of the other weapons like lightsaber sword, normal sword, the stab, or with the woodcutter axe.

When you are capable of pass the three first screens of each level of the knife game, you’re going to have to face the boss of the level, so here arrives the most crucial moment of each level of the game. The boss game is here, and the most difficult part of each level has arrived. The boss level is the moment when you have to throw the knife with more caution and aim, your knife throw has to be pinpoint, you cannot miss the knife throw or you will have to start the level from the beginning.

If you are capable of pass the boss game level, you can go to the next game level. Remember, in knife throwing games, the most important is pass each level without losing lives. When you play knife games, or knife throwing games in a mobile phone, you have to think each next movement that you are going to do cautiously, if you fail when you throwing the knife you are going to lose.

Knife Throw Royale 3 characteristics:

More than 200 super exciting knives levels.
You can customize your dagger and your knife in our knife app.
Unlock more than 60 knives, swords, daggers or even lightsabers.
Cut different types of fruit and tree trunks with this knife game.

Reach the final levels where you can find basketballs, baseballs, or even a fried egg that you will have to burst with your knives. If you can reach the final boss fight, you will be considered like one of the best knife throwing games gamer ever. That is because knife throwing games are one of the casual games more difficult to reach the final level. Just around 1% of the knife throwing games are capable to reach the final boss game and beat them. Are you going to be one of those players considered to be one of the best at playing knife throwing games? prove it!

Don’t wait more time, what are you waiting for? Download right now the most exciting knife throwing game! Knife Throw Royale 3 has been developed by the creators of the successful saga Knife Throw Royale.

There are many knife throwing games to play, but we have developed this knife game thinking in the needs of our knife games players.

Some players don’t consider us like a typical knives game, we also are considerate by some of the knife games players like a free sword game because you can play with swords or stabs in our free casual game.

Our knife app has been developed with the highest standards of quality thanks to our experimented developing team.

If you enjoy our knife throwing game, you can also follow us on our social media.
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Complete Information of “Knife Throw Royale 3: Knives” APK Android Game

  • Game Name:- “Knife Throw Royale 3: Knives”
  • Version:- Latest
  • Requirements:-
  • Game Installed:- 50,000+
  • PlayStore ID:- com.vlezgames.knifethrowroyale

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